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Symphony in Stone

Don’t let the cover’s lethargic poses and crappy Hollywood logo fool you. Batman: The Scottish Connection is a superb graphic novel that showcases the transporting talents of artist Frank Quitely. From 1999, this brisk mystery (by Knightfall writer Alan Grant) had been out of print for years. It now lives in the Batman International trade [...]

How to Live

I’ve been steering clear of featuring brand new comics, since recapping them takes up more space than it’s worth. But I’m proud to make an exception for this week’s Batman and Robin, an issue of mourning for Damian, Bruce Wayne’s latest teen sidekick. Damian was a different kind of Robin, however, since he was actually [...]

Angels On High

Welcome all! The Four Color Opera has joined Open Letters Monthly, and I’m thrilled to wish us many entertaining trips together, over rooftops and under streetlights. Whether this is the first, fifth, or hundredth time you’ve visited, please know that this blog is about great comics and graphic novels, regardless of genre. But you’ll notice [...]

Crowd Pleaser

That might be a slaphappy description of comic artist Alan Davis, one of my all-time favorites, but sometimes it fits. Sometimes, when he himself isn’t scripting, snarky elements pockmark his spritely, winsome storytelling. That isn’t to say DC’s new hardcover volume of his Detective Comics run isn’t great. But his work on Captain Britain and [...]

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

For the week of September 12, 2012, I’ve plucked two comics from an enormous batch that, month after month, prove themselves priority reads. First up is Batman, by the endlessly inventive team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. With this being another issue 0 origin story, you might point out that Batman: Year [...]

Schrodinger’s Cat and the Men Who Feed Her

Possibility, identity, and the merits of multitasking are celebrated in a trio of comics released today, August 22, 2012. I’ll start with the first issue of Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan, because Adam Hughes‘ art is both impossibly refined and ecstatically delivered. Known today mainly for his sensual Catwoman and Wonder Woman covers, Hughes’ sequential interior [...]

Open Sesame

SOCK! ZAP! KAPOW! A few words of welcome to a new comic book blog, for you the reader and me the writer. I love (mostly) all things superhero, and plan to discuss comics and graphic novels as high art, rather than the cheap escapism they frequently are. Every Wednesday, I cash-dump religiously at my local [...]