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Truth, Justice and Underwear

As far as Superman is concerned, the three are connected. Deeply. And yet, it might take a five-year-old to explain. Why? Because most adults don’t dare spend more than a nanosecond thinking about it. Good thing your very own J-Word isn’t most adults. That’s right. I looked at the redesigned Superman costume in Justice League [...]

Collision Courses

Planets, perceptions and pipsqueaks go BOOM in my batch of comics for September 19, 2012. The planet is none other than Krypton, true birthplace of the Smallville, Kansas-raised Superman. But this telling of the alien world’s demise happens in the 0 issue of Supergirl, as told by writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson. Artist Mahmud [...]

One Bullseye In the Bunch

And despite David Aja’s engaging cover, it isn’t Hawkeye. This new series, written by Matt Fraction (The Defenders) and drawn by Aja (The Immortal Iron Fist), hopes to capitalize on the brilliant Avengers film. In fact, it reads like a screenplay written for actor Jeremy Renner: “You cowboy around with the Avengers some. Guys got, [...]