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Truth, Justice and Underwear

As far as Superman is concerned, the three are connected. Deeply. And yet, it might take a five-year-old to explain. Why? Because most adults don’t dare spend more than a nanosecond thinking about it. Good thing your very own J-Word isn’t most adults. That’s right. I looked at the redesigned Superman costume in Justice League [...]

From the Bottom of the Toy Chest

In 2009, when Disney purchased the publishing and film-making entity that is Marvel, millions of comic readers groaned. I wasn’t one of them. I never believed that a parent company specializing in family entertainment would alter my violent, challenging comics. It just wouldn’t be good for business. And really, nothing has changed. But it’s curious [...]

Immortal Coil

So, we’re still here. Mankind deserves to be ripped from the garden we’ve despoiled and chucked into frigid space, but we’re still here. The ancient Mayans (and their modern day horde of capitalist proselytizers) were wrong. Whoops. Next year, when Bravo launches a program called Look What This Idiot Bought, many of us will vie [...]