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Spandex Nouveau Heaven

On July 30th, The Four Color Opera will be exactly a year old! Celebrating this first birthday early, I’m finally posting about my all-time favorite artist, Stuart Immonen. He is, like many Canadian superstars (Tegan, Sara, and William Shatner come to mind), a hard-working talent whose career demonstrates thrilling evolution. I haven’t focused on him [...]

The Hottest Mess II

Continued from last weekend, here’s the fallout from The Legion of Superheroes 50 (1988), in which a foursome led by Brainiac confronted the Time Trapper at the very end of existence. During said conflict, the Legion were savagely drubbed by the being embodying entropy itself; Duo Damsel’s second persona died, and the nigh-invincible Mon El [...]

The Hottest Mess

Their golden flight rings held high since the late 1950s, DC’s Legion of Superheroes is one of comics’ most endearingly dense sagas. Taking place one thousand years in the Justice League’s future, the Legion has never been as popular as Superman and his bench of icons. Nor has the Legion, made up in most of [...]