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Men in Black 3: Slathered in Butter-Flavored Syrup and Green Alien Goop

I always say I’m never going to get my name in movie-marketing blurbs by writing lines to publicists like “With apathetic lowered expectations, you won’t mind this movie as much as you may have feared.” That bit of self-deprecation is doubly apt for Men in Black 3 because not only does it describe my honest […]

Interview: Hysteria Director and Co-writer Tanya Wexler

The fact that Hysteria is a costumed rom-com provides a fresh hook, but of course it’s not the main reason the indie comedy is grabbing attention. The film, directed by Tanya Wexler (Finding North, Ball in the House) and co-written by Wexler and Stephen Dyer, takes a fanciful but historically based look at the invention […]

Interview: Nadine Labaki, director, co-writer, and star of Where Do We Go Now?

In Lebanese film maker Nadine Labaki’s Where Do We Go Now?, the Muslim and Christian inhabitants of an isolated village co-exist peacefully. But when violence breaks out across the rest of the country, the village women from both religions go to extreme, often amusing lengths (including hiring a troupe of Ukranian strippers and drugging homemade […]

Interview: Bobcat Goldthwait, Writer-Director of God Bless America

To those stuck in the ’80s, Bobcat Goldthwait is probably still thought of as the wild-eyed, hair-tugging, whining buffoon of the Police Academy movies. But in fact over the past decades, Goldthwait’s been coming into his own as an independent filmmaker specializing in beyond-the-fringe satire. First there was Goldthwait’s masterpiece, 1991’s Shakes the Clown (“the […]

The Avengers: The Simple Summer Joys of “Hulk, Smash”

For decades now the Official Summer Movie Season has kicked off the first weekend of May with a big action movie, and eight out of the last ten of those have featured Marvel superheroes. Three of the last four have been parts of Marvel’s ambitious “Avengers Initiative” franchise in which 2008’s Iron Man and The […]

“While all the other arts were born naked, [film], the youngest, has been born fully-clothed. It can say everything before it has anything to say. It is as if the savage tribe, instead of finding two bars of iron to play with, had found scattering the seashore fiddles, flutes, saxophones, trumpets, grand pianos by Erhard and Bechstein, and had begun with incredible energy, but without knowing a note of music, to hammer and thump upon them all at the same time.”

--Virginia Woolf