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Pacific Rim‘s Monster-sized Fun

I can’t recall a movie that–for better or worse–comes so completely as advertised as Pacific Rim does. If you’ve been looking at the summer marketing and thinking, “Good lord, that looks head-slappingly stupid,” you are correct. Likewise, if you’ve been watching the commercials and thinking, “Ho-lee crap, this looks mess-my-pants awesome,” you are also correct. […]

The Lone Ranger: Embrace the New Dominant Paradigm!

So, The Lone Ranger, yeah… Pirates of the Old West… Johnny Depp, Buster Keaton, old-age make up… and so forth… a mystic loon with a dead bird on head, etc… Armie Hammer, “what’s with the mask?”, yes, that’s his real name and his real jaw… blah blah… ‘30s radio show, ‘50s TV show, Clayton Moore, […]

Interview: The Way, Way Back Co-writers/directors Jim Rash and Nat Faxon

Fans of “coming of age” films, like myself, know there are several subsets within the genre. For example, I’ve always been partial to the “British Prep School Coming of Age Film” (of which, I guess, in many ways the Harry Potter films are a very long, goofy entry. There’s a thesis for future essay: “Harry […]

“While all the other arts were born naked, [film], the youngest, has been born fully-clothed. It can say everything before it has anything to say. It is as if the savage tribe, instead of finding two bars of iron to play with, had found scattering the seashore fiddles, flutes, saxophones, trumpets, grand pianos by Erhard and Bechstein, and had begun with incredible energy, but without knowing a note of music, to hammer and thump upon them all at the same time.”

--Virginia Woolf