Monthly Archives: October, 2012

ABC News: Nathan O. Marsh’s Alphabet Apocrypha

Attention abecedarians: absolutely aching to access awesome alphabetic art? Attendez: Alphabet Apocrypha. Formerly titled Alphabet Horror Vacui, Nathan O. Marsh’s illustrated alphabetic cabinet of curiosities is a dark and wonderful marvel. His comic, rendered in crowquill pen and ink and watercolor, harkens back to naturalist engravings of yore, but Marsh’s alliterative inventions bounce back and […]


Pocket Review: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

The Dog Stars Peter Heller Knopf, 2012 Everybody’s got that secret genre that does it for them, am I right? Pirate tales, British cozies, sparkly vampires, or some combination of all of the above—hell, that would do it for anyone, come to think of it. Even the most diehard literary snob has some embarrassingly tangible […]


Open Letters Monthly, October 2012

OK, it’s really fall now. The leaves are spinning around in the chilly breeze, the days are contracting, the stores are filling up with Christmas decorations. And the October issue of Open Letters Monthly is out—the perfect accompaniment to a little mulled cider and that bag of candy corn you bought “to get a jump […]


The Royal Library of the Netherlands’ Word Problem

When it comes to digitizing older and orphan works, most of the copyright controversies I see cropping up have more to do with intellectual property issues than actual conflict. Which is about what you’d expect—any real litigation is going to be hammered out in court rather than in the public debate arena. But what happens […]