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Pocket Review: My Education by Susan Choi

My Education Susan Choi Viking Adult, 2013 Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing: we can watch empires fall and wonder why they didn’t have better homeowners’ insurance or more canned goods, whatever satisfies that secret need for smugness that we all need to indulge once in a while. A novel entitled My Education promises something along […]


Now Is the Time…

… for all good bloggers reflect on the past 12 months of whatever it is they write about, and although I’m generally resistant to anything that everybody else is doing, I’m so pleased to have a little time on my hands right now that I find myself wanting to put in my two cents as […]


Sunday Links, December 29, 2013

It’s your last links column of the year! Get ‘em while they’re hot! And happy new year to each and every one of you. May the new year bring you lots of good reading. These 10 charities encourage reading. They strike me as a very good place to make that year-end donation. Samuel Delany has […]


Heeeere Comes the Rooster: The Tournament of Books Longlist

The long list for the 2014 Tournament of Books is up; let the opining begin. Out of the 90-odd novels listed I’ve read eight, own another four, and have six or so more either on library hold or vaguely wishlisted. That means I stand a half decent shot of being able to hold forth in […]


NPR’s Concierge Care

This time of year brings out not only the list-makers, but the list-lovers and list-haters as well. The literary ether seems to be especially ripe for that kind of debate, maybe because these end-of-year best-ofs can seem wan in comparison to the the jockeying of all the literary awards scattered throughout the calendar. Or maybe […]


Open Letters Monthly’s Year in Reading

I realize I haven’t been writing all that much these past few months. Or rather, not all that much that Like Fire readers want to read—ask me about metadata schema analyses, library service analysis literature reviews, and exhibit plans, if you dare. But I have been reading, and not only of the required variety. Pleasure […]