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Sunday Links, June 29, 2014

Awards The Locus Award winners have been announced. The long list for the 2014 Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize has been announced. What to Read Next Nancy Pearl has some good suggestions.  I loved Tim Horvath’s Understories myself (review here), so I’m inclined to take a look at her other picks (and I’ve therefore already purchased […]


Sunday Links, June 22, 2014

Awards Salman Rushdie has won the PEN Pinter Prize. The shortlists for the Sunburst Awards have been announced.  These awards are for excellence in Canadian literature of the fantastic, and yield some excellent reading suggestions. Obituary We’ve lost Daniel Keyes, the author of Flowers for Algernon.  In addition to having written one of the most […]


Color Picker, Circa 1692

It’s always fun to pull rank on the whippersnappers: Back when there was no cut-and-paste, back when there was no Undo command, back in the days of 3×5 notecards and rubber cement and Wite-Out—you kids don’t even know how to spell Wite-Out anymore, do you? But then there are those who, in turn, put me […]


Sunday Links, June 15, 2014

Awards The Nebula Award winners have been announced. Ann Leckie is cutting quite a swathe with her first novel, Ancillary Justice, which has now won the Nebula, the British Science Fiction Award and the Arthur C. Clarke Award. It’s also up for a Hugo. The winners of the Ditmar Awards have been announced. The Ditmar […]


“Six Weeks On the Loose in N.Y.”: Eudora Welty Pitches the New Yorker

Who doesn’t love looking for work? Summoning your brio, shining your shoes, lying awake in bed trying to come up with a better answer to “Why would you be a good fit for this job?” than “I’d be really good at it and I’ll bring cookies to office meetings”—it’s all character-building stuff, right? Yeah, no. […]


Tom Tryniski’s DIY Digitization

Some years ago, I worked at a small journal under an executive editor who was, to put it kindly, very old-school. Curmudgeonly might be another word you would use. Cranky might be a third. Along with the standard editorial duties, a fair amount of my time was spent trying to convince him that the move […]