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Halloween Links, October 31, 2014

It’s a special, spooky edition of links to read after all the trick-or-treaters have come and gone, after you turn all the lights out and snuggle up with the leftover candy.  Enjoy — and don’t be frightened! Here are some engravings of the Great Pumpkin Patch done in the style of Gustave Doré.  It gives […]


Happy Birthday, Theodore Roosevelt

Today is Dylan Thomas’s birthday, and Sylvia Plath’s, and Zadie Smith’s… the book blogosphere is practically melting from all those virtual candles. Happy birthday to those literary lights, and thanks for all the good writing. But Theodore Roosevelt was also born on this day, 156 years ago: police commissioner, governor, president, soldier, naturalist/hunter, explorer, one […]


Fifty Scary Short Stories from Flavorwire

I am not, as a rule, a big fan of holidays—especially the ones with stuff. The thought of having to get things down from the attic and out of boxes and put them all around my house and then put them back in the boxes and take them back up to the attic in short […]


Sunday Links, October 5, 2014

Awards The 2014 Utopiales European Award nominees have been announced.  This award is given to a novel or collection by a European speculative fiction author that was published in French during the literary season preceding the Utopiales festival.  The award ceremony will be held on November 1, 2014. The 2014 Kirkus Prize finalists have been […]


The Birth of the Trailer

The history of book trailers dates back to the arrival of broadband Internet access and personal computers, for good reason—how else would you watch them? But there were a few outliers: TV spots for mass market blockbusters back in the early days of cable, and, apparently, some on film as well. Remember those odd shorts […]