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The Language of Flowers 2012: “Gawd Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” Limited Edition

Back in the heat of the dog days, our roving correspondent Dena Santoro reported on finding an 1875 copy of The Language of Flowers in a London bookshop in 1988. And here, as a gift to all you fine folks who have stuck by Like Fire throughout the year, is her limited holiday edition, updated […]


The Language of Flowers 2012: “Hot Summer” Limited Edition

Wandering lonely as a cloud through London’s dusty bookshops back in the spring of ’88, I came across a lovely edition with a rose-strewn cover, full of cross-references to flowers and feelings, with verses to boot. Topics included Energy in Adversity, Immortality, and Secret Love. A keeper! For the Romantic that stubbornly persists in me, […]


Lynne Barrett’s (Bad) Girls

When I’m ready for a break from Emerson and Thoreau—currently the only titles beyond a guide to Greek mythology loaded on a gifted Kindle—I gravitate toward points on the literary number line that aren’t controlled by fampires and other figures of the character undead. (And yes, I hope I just coined a word; may famous […]