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The Browsing Algorithm

Charles Simic has one of his gently bookish rants up at the NYRBlog, on a subject that’s always near and dear to my heart: the uncertain future of browsing. The gradual shuttering of used bookstores all over the country, says Simic, will surely curtail those moments of finding books that were never on our radar […]


Random Acts of Books: Sam Sacks on Stocking the Shelves

Some people plan their dream wedding in great detail, furnish their dream home, or dress their dream children. Me, I stock my dream secondhand bookstore. So it was a treat to find a dreamy little Page-Turner piece by my Open Letters Monthly colleague (and Wall Street Journal Fiction Chronicle writer) Sam Sacks on what, exactly, […]


NY Local: Cash Mob at St. Mark’s Bookshop, 3 p.m.

New Yorkers! Get your money-spending selves down to St. Mark’s Bookshop this afternoon at 3. They’re hosting a Cash Mob—a retail extravaganza—for a little infusion of much-needed cash to help out with their upcoming move. You may remember our report on their troubles last fall, and I’m pleased to report they’re still hanging in. But […]


Viva St. Mark’s Bookshop!

After all the outcry and petition-signing and discussions about whether we really do need to stick up for independent bookstores (excuse me, what?) I’m gladdened to hear that St. Mark’s Bookshop will be getting a break from their landlord, the Cooper Union. Even if it’s not the rent reduction they’d originally asked for, even if […]


Whatever Floats Your Boat: The Book Barge

I’m not sure what exactly the connection is, but there’s something about books by the water… come summertime we talk about beach reading, as opposed to backyard or park or lying-in-bed-with-the-fan-on reading, and one of the ultimate immersive reading fantasies is of being a lighthouse keeper. There’s a sense, naturally, of flow, but also of […]