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Beyond “Ass in Chair”: Poets & Writers’ “Writers Recommend”

Well, hello. We’re back from a brief midsummer break—thanks eternally to Terry Weyna for holding down the fort—recharged, we hope, and refreshed, with all sorts of good things to share. As much as the labor-of-love aspect of blogging can feel like a liability, it’s unquestionably nice to be able to walk away from something for […]


Books on Tape… and 45, and Flip Phone

One of the things you’ll hear a lot about in any self-respecting MLS or Media Studies program is digital forensics—a good term, a little bit geeky and a little bit CSI. The idea, of course, is preservation. Archival collections are no longer just about flat fibrous printed stuff, but all the material used to carry […]


Visual Editions: Great Looking Stories Within Reach

Design within reach is a great concept. But the definition of “reach” isn’t exactly a fixed quality; even on our best days, most of us aren’t LeBron James. So it’s good for everyone when nice things are priced nicely—you don’t expect to be able to buy a new sofa with change gleaned from the cushions […]


How to Get a Book Written

1. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. The photographer/ painter Chuck Close said, “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work.” 2. For first drafts, quantity is better than quality. Five adequate pages are better than one good page. Ten pages of crap are better than zero pages of […]