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The Birth of the Trailer

The history of book trailers dates back to the arrival of broadband Internet access and personal computers, for good reason—how else would you watch them? But there were a few outliers: TV spots for mass market blockbusters back in the early days of cable, and, apparently, some on film as well. Remember those odd shorts […]


Good Dog! My Dog Tulip, the Movie

Early this year I noted how much I was looking forward to the animated adaptation of J.R. Ackerley’s My Dog Tulip. Producer Norman Twain said recently, “The process of making the movie took three years and sometimes felt like grass growing, but it was all worth it.” And after catching it at Film Forum last […]


In Auteur Words: Soft Skull’s Deep Focus

Is it too wretched of a pun to say that I’m on record as being a huge fan of Continuum’s 33-1/3 books? I love the package, those beautiful little paperbacks in which various writers go in deep about the albums that moved them, and they’ve been consistently good as well. From Andy Miller on The […]


My Dog Tulip, the Movie

J.R. Ackerley’s My Dog Tulip is one of those books that you either warm to right off the bat or never. At least that’s my conjecture, since I personally have a soft spot for it a mile wide. Or more like a city block long—Tulip is one of those books that I think appeals not […]


They Make Everything… Groovy

Sadly, I only found out about the Where The Wild Things Ought to Be contest after the winner was picked. Sponsored by We Love You So, the official blog of the Spike Jonze film adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are, intrepid Photoshoppers were invited to wild up the scene, artwork, or video clip of […]