Dull Roar

Because Fridays in August really shouldn’t be that complicated, I give you Bookride’s The Joy of Dullness, a collection of books that are not just dull, but weirdly dull. Or as the Bookride blokes put it, “The collection is devoted to dullness mixed with the curious and the odd which includes the oddly dull and the curiously odd.” An apropos introduction to a collection that includes Understand Your Tortoise, Consumption and Depression in Gertrude Stein, Louis Zukofsky and Ezra Pound, and Gardening with Compost by one F.C. King, because we’re all 12 years old at heart. Most of them you wouldn’t care to open, and some of them—Why She Should Start Wearing a Bra comes to mind—you probably don’t want to open.

On the other hand, The Boring Family Book of Recipes is conspicuously missing. Why? What if I want to make toast this weekend?

Like Fire readers, come clean: What’s the most deadly book in your collection?


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