Flavor of the Week: Library Boing Boing

The handy WordPress search function reveals the fact that I used the phrase “two great tastes” as a post title just under two years ago, so I’m going to hold tight to my integrity and refrain from using it again. But if I did, I would now. One of my favorite places to geek out on the offbeat news of the day, Boing Boing, has partnered up with ALA to give us Library Boing Boing. Or, to use its proper title, LibraryLab—since if you’re on a site called Boing Boing in the first place, you’re obviously concerned about keeping things dignified.

The concept has been in the works for a couple of months. And they actually have an agenda beyond the cute and oddball which includes some very worthy library advocacy goals:

Provide active ways for Happy Mutants [Boing Boing fans and readers] to support and get involved with their local libraries (eg, toolkits, best practices, ideas for local projects).

Create dynamic programming at library conferences that Library Boing Boingers can then take outside of the library community to promote libraries (eg, SxSW, local community events, etc.).

Work together to help Happy Mutants advance our shared interests (e.g., copyright reform, net neutrality, game culture, digital divide issues, open government, etc.).

Coordinate an international community of librarians working with their own Happy Mutant groups.

OK, the Happy Mutant thing is a bit silly. But hey, so is pretty much anything if you say it over and over, and this promises to be an engaging go-to resource for anyone interested in libraries, literacy, free exchange of information, that kind of silliness. In other words, good stuff. Bookmark it.


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