Giving It Up for Your Love: Gregory Maguire’s Out of Oz

Karl Slover, one of the last surviving original munchkins from the MGM production of The Wizard of Oz, died yesterday at the age of 93. Although he had a long and hopefully happy life, there’s something poignant about his passing so close to Wizard of Oz time—which it will always be, for those of us of a certain age, when Thanksgiving rolls around. The generations who grew up on Netflix and On Demand can’t quite appreciate how we looked forward to those seasonal TV specials, no matter how crappy they were. And The Wizard of Oz was far from crappy.

So in Mr. Slover’s honor—and in honor of those of us who, every year around this time, looked forward to getting the shit scared out of us by the flying monkeys—I’m giving away a copy of Out of Oz, Gregory Maguire’s fourth installment in the Wicked Years books:

Once peaceful and prosperous, the spectacular Land of Oz is knotted with social unrest: The Emerald City is mounting an invasion of Munchkinland, Glinda is under house arrest, and the Cowardly Lion is on the run from the law. And look who’s knocking at the door. It’s none other than Dorothy. Yes. That Dorothy.

Yet amidst all this chaos, Elphaba’s granddaughter, the tiny green baby born at the close of Son of a Witch, has come of age. now it is up to Rain to take up her broom—and her legacy—in an Oz wracked by war.

This final volume promises to wind Maguire’s series up in style, and how can you resist anything that references a tiny green baby? To win a copy of Out of Oz, leave a comment here offering your personal views on flying monkeys—love them, hate them, or can’t be moved to feel one way or the other—or email by midnight on Tuesday, November 22nd. Winners will be announced next Wednesday, which should give an alternative Oz fan something to be thankful for.


2 Comments to Giving It Up for Your Love: Gregory Maguire’s Out of Oz

  1. lynn's Gravatar lynn
    November 19, 2011 at 8:06 pm | Permalink

    That’s so funny that you would mention this. I always tell my son how excited I used to get when Thanksgiving came near because I knew would get to see The Wizard of Oz on TV. It was such a big deal back then, and it made the movie all the more special because of it. I really don’t want to turn into the old lady who complains that “it was better when I was a kid”, because in so many ways it wasn’t better, but it’s just incomprehensible to kids nowadays what it was like to be unable to watch on TV what you wanted ,just when you wanted it. Something to be said for having to wait, and I’m pretty sure my love for Wizard of Oz has something to do with all that.

  2. nbm's Gravatar nbm
    November 24, 2011 at 2:27 pm | Permalink

    No need to even consider sending me a book, but it happens that the Flying Monkeys scared the damned pants off me when I was a kid. I didn’t watch that movie for years. The other thing that scared me: John Tenniel’s Jabberwock. I memorized the poem but couldn’t look at the picture on the facing page.

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