New Yorker fiction (Mar 28) – “U.F.O. in Kushiro”

A Book Bench post accompanying this story explains:

This week, the magazine features the work of two Japanese fiction writers … [Haruki] Murakami’s story “U.F.O. in Kushiro,” which first appeared in our March 19, 2001, issue, and later appeared in his collection “After the Quake,” runs again. Murakami wrote the stories in the collection in response to the 1995 earthquake in Kobe. … Murakami’s [piece] is available online to subscribers.

A story, that was first printed a decade ago, that was published in a collection the following year, that is even now available online only to subscribers, is reprinted this week (only for subscribers) as part of an awkwardly combined earthquake / ‘style focus’ issue.

That’s it?

Leave, instead, all words behind and return to the cover.

“Dark Spring,” after a brilliant touch of editing, is an unsettling illustration from Christoph Niemann. Pause to reflect (return often) to this humble shrine.

(“Dark Spring – Cover 3/28/2011 issue of The New Yorker” from Christoph Niemann)


2 Comments to New Yorker fiction (Mar 28) – “U.F.O. in Kushiro”

  1. Kat Warren's Gravatar Kat Warren
    March 29, 2011 at 6:45 pm | Permalink

    Is it wrong of me to say how much a love that cover?

  2. March 30, 2011 at 9:48 am | Permalink

    Nope, Kat. It’s a really fine cover.

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