Penguin Love

No, this post isn’t about our little friend Tango—he and his daddies were in the spotlight enough last month. Melville House has just come out with two English translations of Russian writer Andrey Kurkov’s crime fiction series starring a penguin named Misha, Death and the Penguin and Penguin Lost (translated by, no kidding, George Bird). To help celebrate their publication, Melville House has promised to officially adopt a penguin in the name of any bookstore that sells 25 copies of either book, from now through December 31st. And if you’re more of a hands-on parent and would rather adopt your own penguin, just scan and email the adoption receipt to and they’ll give you an eBook of Death and the Penguin. (Booksellers can go here to find out about participating.) Aside from stirring up interest in some very cool-looking books, MobyLives notes:

If we can adopt a penguin for every independent and chain bookstore in the US and Canada more than 5 thousand penguins will get the gift of fresh fish, clean water and a protected, safe environment.

So far Left Bank Books Downtown in St. Louis, MO and the New York Union Square Barnes & Noble have each hit the goal. I was walking through Union Square the other day and didn’t notice any penguins waddling about, but it’s a little warm yet. In the meantime, wherever you are: Buy a book, help a penguin, and add a new author to your shelves.


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  1. nbm's Gravatar nbm
    October 15, 2011 at 10:19 am | Permalink

    “Buy a book, help a penguin” — if I had a car, that would be my new bumper sticker.

    Those covers are wonderful. Do you know who the designer is?

  2. Nathan's Gravatar Nathan
    October 17, 2011 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    “Do you know who the designer is?”

    Christopher King

    interview with him at The Casual Optimist here:

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