Song of Ice and Fire and Head Cheese

I’m not one of George R.R. Martin’s devoted fans—although neither am I not a fan; he just never crossed my radar—but I know a lot of people who are really tickled that HBO has turned Game of Thrones into a series, scheduled to air in April. The folks at HBO are no less psyched. Hoping to regain at least a bit of the magic surrounding The Sopranos or Big Love, they’re whipping the hype machine like an impudent serf in hopes of reaching beyond the loyal cadre of fantasy fiction lovers. Or, as Winter Is Coming—the site dedicated to “news and rumors about HBO’s Game of Thrones”—would have it:

As the countdown clock approaches the appointed day and hour, we remain astir with restlessness. Not for any toll or tidings of doom, no; we stalwarts of House Gatewatch have excited hearts and emboldened spirits brought on by glad missives, word that our show is of a quality that might please even the most hardened, cynical soul.

HBO has the usual tie-ins on the Game of Thrones homepage: quizzes, games, a production diary, and something called a weather application, where you can view scenes from the series based on your current location; in my case that would involve mainly mud and frozen crocuses.

But best of all are the food trucks. According to Jacket Copy, chef Tom Colicchio has developed a menu for a fleet—or at least a couple—of food trucks based on fare from Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels. The trucks will be at large in New York from March 28 through April 1, and in Los Angeles from April 4-8. Dishes include squab, rabbit, a black fish stew, a “head cheese dish,” and lemon cake. This isn’t for your faint-of-heart lunchtime crowd; I can’t quite picture anything made with head cheese selling out, although maybe I’m underestimating Martin’s following. The true test will be if New Yorkers are willing to take a chance on the squab, better known as pigeon. If one of Colicchio’s trucks crosses my path this week, I promise to report back on the lemon cake.


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  1. March 28, 2011 at 3:37 pm | Permalink

    Head cheese is a type of sausage you really don’t want to look into unless you’re known for having an iron stomach. I’m sure it tastes wonderful, but knowing the ingredients, i’ll pass.

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