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M.J. Rose’s Backstory (from her blog Buzz, Balls and Hype) has moved to Like Fire. Backstory is the online place where authors share truths that sparked their fiction, the impulse behind their memoirs or that “AHA” moment that led to a work of nonfiction.

If you are an author with a backstory, please write us at and follow these directions to the letter:

Because Backstory is a labor of love, we can’t edit your posts or respond to queries. If you’ve written a novel, short story collection, or work of nonfiction and you have an interesting Backstory, we’ll post it. Just email your 500-800 word Backstory and include your name, the book title, the pub date, and your website address. The piece should be pasted within the body of your email. Put “BACKSTORY POST” in the subject line of your email along with the pub date so a book coming out May 16 would say “BACKSTORY POST – MAY 16th.” Attach your author photo, website and book cover (jpeg). Your book must be available for purchase at bookstores.

We look forward to working with you on what we think will be an exciting column.


Lauren Bufferd, Backstory editor

Lisa Peet, Proprietor, Like Fire


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