Sunday Links, February 10, 2013

stokerphotoClive Barker and Robert McCammon are the winners of the Horror Writers Association’s Lifetime Horror Award.  It’s the most prestigious of the Bram Stoker Awards, and will be officially awarded to Barker and McCammon at the World Horror Convention in New Orleans this coming June.  (And by the way, there don’t seem to be many cities that would be as fitting a site for the World Horror Convention than New Orleans, do there?  Nice going!)

It looks like February is a banner month for science fiction and fantasy.  io9 offers a list of all the SFF you can’t miss this month.  I’ll have one of each, please.

Amazon is poised to start selling used ebooks.  As you might imagine, authors aren’t exactly thrilled to hear about this, and I can hardly blame them.  I’m not entirely sure where the equities fall myself on this one, but I’d be interested in a good discussion about it.  My sympathies tend to lie with the writers.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Chuck Wendig has recently written about book piracy.

I’m curious about this new website called Bookish.  I haven’t had the opportunity to explore it much yet, but it looks like it could be a serious time sink.  My problem:  I couldn’t get the book recommender to work.  Could you?  Was it useful?  Not everyone is too impressed with the new site.

roberto bolanoHere’s a flowchart for writing short stories by the late Roberto Bolano, published in The Paris Review.  To me, the most surprising advice is to write many short stories at once.  I’ll have to try that.

Very few wars between bloggers hold the least interest for anyone except the bloggers involved and their most devoted followers.  But John Scalzi has found a way to turn coal into diamonds.  Rather than engage in a war of words with the man who has made it a mission to defame him almost daily, Scalzi, a science fiction writer and the author of the popular blog, Whatever, has turned libel into charity.  I’m in for a couple hundred myself.  If only the world always worked this way.

invisible bookshelvesThey call it “Bookshelf Porn,” and they have a point.  These pictures show some very imaginative ways to shelve books.  None of them work for the booklover who owns thousands, though; there’s just not enough capacity.  Even the Infinity Bookshelf wouldn’t go far in our house.  But they’re fun to look at.

They’ve done everything else with Barbie.  So why not dress her as a character from your favorite book?  I confess that I’d pay good money for the Barbie dressed and accessorized as Mrs. Dalloway.


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