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Sunday Links, August 18, 2013

Not the Booker Prize published its long list. Some really marvelous-sounding books there. The shortlist was announced a few days later, and Neil Gaiman is at the top. Sounds like I need to pick his new book up soon. The winner will be announced on October 12. The finalists for the David Gemmell Legend Awards […]


The Imaginary Library of Charles Dickens

It’s corny but true: Book people are always fussing with their shelves. Forget about the clichĂ© of art books artfully arranged on the coffee table; forget about shoving that copy of Vogue underneath the London Review of Books when company’s coming. The tendency to be voyeuristic with one’s own home library and rearrange it now […]


Charles Dickens: The Telegraph’s Favorite Characters (and Why They’re Wrong, Wrong, Wrong)

Charles Dickens has been two hundred years old for two whole weeks now, but I have only just discovered the fun series Britain’s daily newspaper The Telegraph is running throughout the month of February: twenty-nine of the newspaper’s writers select their favorite Dickens characters. The choices run from the obvious–can you really envision such a […]


You May Find Yourself Writing in a Shotgun Shack

It’s all well and good to read about those custom-designed writers’ studios–you know the ones I mean: built just far enough from the main house so it doesn’t impinge on the wall of windows, cantilevered out over the treeline, ocean barely visible from the desk on the top floor. The light changes with the seasons. […]


Digital Treats

Bless those who do the work of digitization. It's exacting and unexciting, with lots of room for error, but the degree to which the rest of us benefit is incalculable. I'm not going to get into the politics of Google's Digital Book Project here, although Robert Darnton does a good job with it on this […]