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The Browsing Algorithm

Charles Simic has one of his gently bookish rants up at the NYRBlog, on a subject that’s always near and dear to my heart: the uncertain future of browsing. The gradual shuttering of used bookstores all over the country, says Simic, will surely curtail those moments of finding books that were never on our radar […]


Having a Wonderful Time

Those of you who know me personally, even a little, probably know that I’m a great lover of snail mail. I remember coveting stationery, envelopes, and stickers pretty much since I could write, and even though email has slowed down the flow to a certain extent, I still have an entire shelf in my home […]


Charles Simic on Poetry in America

This month held a glut of poetry riches for those inclined to subscribe to things: Knopf’s Poem-a-Day, Poetry Daily, FSG Poetry. I’ve read a lot of poems, including some real stunners, and have decided that these days I really prefer my poets on the proletarian—or at least the unflowery—side. So it was a real treat […]