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Story Prize Finalist (2010) – Gold Boy, Emerald Girl

Yiyun Li has said on several occasions that she doesn’t consider herself a political writer. But Gold Boy, Emerald Girl, the second of The Story Prize finalists we’re looking at this month, stretches the definition just a bit. This collection, her third published work, offers a strong rendering of a particular place and time without […]


Author Update: Yiyun Li

Yiyun Li has been named one of twenty-three MacArthur Fellows for 2010. She is the author of two short-story collections — A Thousand Years of Good Prayers and Gold Boy, Emerald Girl — and a novel, The Vagrants. She was cited as being: … a fiction writer whose spare and quietly understated style of storytelling […]


New Yorker fiction (Aug 30) – “The Science of Flight”

In this quietly grim story, I found reminders of people I’ve known who resembled its protagonist in being self-effacing and acquiescent individuals. Over the years she had become accustomed to who she was in other people’s eyes: she knew she would be considered a loser by her Chinese acquaintances in America, a divorced woman toiling […]