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Able-Bodied Praise

OK, so what’s the opposite of faint praise? We’ve all read the reviews that are stretching for something—anything—positive to say about a book: it’s un-put-downability, how faithful the translation is, how nice the binding, how sumptuous the cover stock. But what about the really meaty compliment, the one that sends a reader immediately clicking, or […]


New Yorker fiction (Jul 4) – “Homage to Hemingway”

The New Yorker has made the story available online only to subscribers. This is a story in three parts — The Novelist in the Countryside, The Professor in the Alps, The Maestro in the Midwest — following the footsteps of an English author as he takes to the teaching circuit. He appears to be an […]


Won’t the Real Papa Hemingway Please Stand Up

If you had been in Key West last weekend you would have been treated to the sight of a horde of Hemingways—a herd of Hemingways? Or maybe, more appropriately, a pride of Papas? At any rate, Charles Bicht, on his 12th try at the Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest, took home the prize. The competition, which […]