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Story Prize Finalist (2010) – Memory Wall

(One month ago today, Like Fire reported that “The Story Prize has announced its finalists for 2010, and as usual it’s a diverse trio …”) The epigraph of this Story Prize finalist is drawn from the beginning of My Last Sigh, the conversational “semiautobiography” of acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel: You have to begin to […]


New Yorker fiction (Nov 29) – “The Yellow”

This story has a lot of moving parts. Some of the descriptive passages irritate, but the forlorn characters are all too familiar. There’s a 42-year-old unemployed man, living again in his parents’ house, without, it seems, having accomplished (m)any of the conventional tasks by which adulthood is measured: e.g., dating, mating, procreating. There’s a 39-year-old […]