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Holiday Hindsight: Lit Mags for the Empty-Handed

This is the season of the balance sheet. I don’t mean the kind where you tabulate all your shining moments and painful shortcomings—we still have a few days left before you need to get that maudlin—but rather the post-holiday period when you finally get a good sense of how many people gave you gifts for […]


Gifts of Gab

Getting a little close to the wire, is it? All right, then, let’s dispense with all this advice on cheap gifts and get right to the free stuff. Over at the Boston Globe, Erin McKean has a list of stealthy holiday gifts for the “verbally inclined” who may not have much to spend—am I being […]


Blue Monday Wednesday: Book Sales and Gift Ideas

While we’re a bit wide of the mark for another Blue Monday Shopping Guide for the Broke and Overbooked—a couple of other writing projects have been distracting; all good stuff—there are a few good deals being offered by some of our favorite publishers that should be noted. Dalkey Archive Press, home of some great innovative […]


Blue Monday #1: Small Gifts

Welcome to Blue Monday, the shopping day for those of us who don’t have much money, time, or energy to buck up the national economy. Herewith, and for the next few weeks of holiday shopping, a frankly biased and small-scale sampling of odds and ends for the worthy recipients in your life. For New Yorkers, […]