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Visual Editions: Great Looking Stories Within Reach

Design within reach is a great concept. But the definition of “reach” isn’t exactly a fixed quality; even on our best days, most of us aren’t LeBron James. So it’s good for everyone when nice things are priced nicely—you don’t expect to be able to buy a new sofa with change gleaned from the cushions […]


Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds

Some three years ago, I wrote a post here that touched on several things, including some satisfying book art, Joseph Cornell, and Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, his book-length exploration of the reasons he became a vegetarian. (And where I once again prominently used the word “aleatory”—if only this were a drinking game!) I ended […]


Juxtapositions: Wooden Books and Eating Animals

In my aleatory wanderings around the internet, I’m always surprised at how often random and wonderful points of connection turn up between completely unrelated topics I’m poking at. I love those little juxtapositions, and the associations they set up. So I’ve decided to give in to the impulse to celebrate them and give them their […]