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Poetry Friday: “Tomorrow” by Dennis O’Driscoll

Riding a bus one evening last week, on my way to the grocery store, I couldn’t help but overhear two women talking. I’ve no idea whether they were earnestly measuring out the coming weeks of their spring semesters, appraising their future careers, or simply marking the remainder of the bus ride. “Don’t you have a […]


Poetry Friday: “A Lizard in Spanish Valley” by Wendy Videlock

This week has been all about spawning items for my to-do list rather than, say, actually doing them — a time of conception rather than of delivery. The peculiar rhythms of the ‘holiday season’ having ended, the momentum of the routine came roaring back. By Tuesday morning, I had mostly stopped completing tasks (except for […]


Poetry Friday: “Countermeasures” by Sara Miller

Sometime last autumn, in an effort to combine a needed moment of retail therapy with some eventual ‘me time’, I entered for myself a new subscription to Poetry magazine, the one-hundred-year-old gem that comes forth from The Poetry Foundation in Chicago. At the time, I gave little thought to how I would make use of […]


Keeping Out of Trouble: National Book Award Poetry Winners and NBCC Finalists

Here’s something to keep you good folks out of trouble for a while… two somethings, actually. Back in the summer of 2009, the National Book Foundation started a countdown of its 79 Fiction winners since the awards began in 1950. The series ran through September, with notes on each book by National Book Award board […]


Wednesday Moment of Zen: Falling Back

It’s 5:00, and it is dark. Theoretically this is one of the best moments of my day, logging off the office computer and walking out into the rest of my life. According to Eastern Standard Time, that day is pretty much over. People seem to be pretty well split down the middle as to whether […]


Every Day

There’s more than a little superstition at work in the belief that as my morning goes, so goes the rest of my day. I know I’m not alone in having a set of rituals to try and impose some order, whether or not it actually takes: a two-mile walk with my dog, two cups of […]