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The Short Shelf: Wolves

Wolves haunt those woods Mr. Frost, whether they’re those in the mind’s recesses, or the canine predators roaming the nearest wilderness. Even though they have largely been erased throughout the world where people live, packs of wolves populate our individual and collective memories. And which of us doesn’t wonder how far removed is that canine […]


Short Shelf: Tres Novelas de Panamá

First of all, I confess to bias, since I was born in la República de Panamá (here at Hospital San Tomás) and was raised in the Canal Zone, which no longer exists—sufficient progress such that my missing home doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. I grew up with a bifurcated identity, one foot in […]


The Short Shelf: Adoption Awareness Month

By Renée M. DeLuca, born Christina Beata Pellini I was born Christina Beata Pellini on January 7, 1964 to Linda Pellini—exactly one week after most states began closing and sealing all adoption records. Thanks to a mutual consent registry, I was reunited with my birthmother when I was 30 years old, just weeks after giving […]


The Short Shelf: Captives

By Lynn Reed Of the six books on the 2010 Man Booker Prize shortlist, Emma Donoghue’s Room seems to be the early popular favorite. I read it and liked it, although I’m not sure I thought it was Booker-worthy. It reminded me of two other works about kidnapped young women, one I read recently and […]


The Short Shelf: Dear Diary

By Katharine Weber, author of True Confections Remember the thrill of finding your sister’s secret diary? Perhaps you forced open the flimsy little lock, or you cut the pink leatherette strap, you were so eager to see what was written on those forbidden pages. She was furious and you got in trouble, but it was […]