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Strata: Katharine Weber

Katharine Weber has published five novels and teaches fiction writing at Columbia University. She has numerous reviews and articles to her credit, for publications such as the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, the Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times Book Review. Katharine’s memoir, The Memory of All That, has just been released.  If you […]


Strata: Amy Rea

Novelist and travel writer Amy Rea (in case you’re wondering, that’s pronounced “ray”) loves seeing not only faraway places, but those nearby as well. She has a nose for the sort of interesting, unusual things that other residents of her home state often overlook, and shares the best tidbits on her two blogs, Wander Minnesota […]


Strata: Lane Smith

Caldecott Medal winner Lane Smith is one of our favorite authors and illustrators here at Like Fire. A lifelong lover of children’s books, he’s the sort of straight shooter who understands that children are often smarter than adults think they are, and are thus unlikely to be traumatized by such a great last line as […]


Strata: Happy 2011

Desk landscapes from Like Fire … — T. Myers — Lisa Peet (and Francis)


Strata: Rhian Ellis

Besides being a woman who has a good eye for what makes a cool author photo, Rhian Ellis is the talented writer who penned the literary thriller, After Life. She lives in upstate New York and co-writes the literary blog Ward Six with her husband, J. Robert Lennon. (Check out his art on Open Letters […]


Good Things Afoot

Welcome back, Like Fire readers, from what I hope was a restful and/or pleasant (or if neither of those, mercifully brief) holiday hiatus. I'm assuming a lot of books, gift certificates, and eReaders changed hands, and hoping that none of your stories are quite as bad as the ones Gina Barreca shares in her Chronicle […]