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Each Day is Valentine’s Day

Well, OK. It was Valentine’s Day. But I’m not going to feel too bad about missing most of it because I’m fully with Lorenz Hart on this one: Each day is Valentine’s Day. And that goes in both directions: If you have someone you love and cherish, no need to set aside one particular day […]


Pocket Review: The Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana, Translated by A.N.D. Haksar

Kama Sutra Vatsyayana, translated by A.N.D. Haksar Penguin Classics, 2012 New York is an old city with an eternally crumbling infrastructure, but the powers that be do what they can. Lately they’ve been concentrating on making repairs to the subway, a system over a century old that moves more than four million people every day. […]



We fall in love at weddings and auctions, over glasses of wine in Italian restaurants where plastic grapes hang on the lattice, our bodies throb in the checkout line, the bus stop, at basketball games and we can’t keep our hands off each other until we can— So begins Matthew Dickman’s poem “Love,” which you […]


“In Love Over Both Ears”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our Like Fire friends and readers. True, it’s a Hallmark holiday guaranteed to make a large swath of the population feel underappreciated or inappropriate. But then again, it’s also all about love and chocolate, both of which we wholeheartedly endorse. My favorite link of the day is a sweetly unironic […]