Trailers, No Trash

As promised, the Moby Awards event was quite swank, and as promised, the drinks were quite expensive. It was a good time nonetheless, and everyone looked marvelous.

There were no stunning upsets as far as prizewinners went—apparently “best” and “most viral” are mostly interchangeable. Maurice Gee’s skillful Going West, which we’ve linked to here, won the Best Big Budget/Big House division; Dennis Cass took Best Author Appearance for his sad-sack Head Case (Book Launch 2.0); John Wray presented the award for Best Cameo to himself (does that count as nepotism?) for Lowboy; Kathryn Regina’s charmingly lo-fi trailer for I Am in the Air Right Now—the one video I hadn’t seen making the rounds—won Best Low Budget/Indie; and Patricia Rockwell’s Sounds of Murder took Trailer Least Likely to Actually Sell the Book, at which point the AV crew seemed to be losing focus and didn’t have the trailer itself on view.

Along with a few special awards (Most Annoying Use of Klezmer Music, Biggest Waste of Conglomerate Money, Bloodiest Trailer, and Most Annoying Appearance by an Author), the Best Foreign Trailer, for Etcetera and Otherwise, made me laugh embarrassingly hard. It was only missing cameos by Beavis and Butthead to comfort my inner 12-year-old, which was smarting a bit at the loss for High Before Homeroom, the Afterschool Special I always dreamed of and the indie-est of all the big budget nominees:

Prizes were plastic whales from Toys’R’Us spray painted gold, and a whole lot of fame—for one night, anyway. But it seems like the book trailer as a legitimate genre has arrived. Maybe next year the whales will be real gold.


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  1. Julie C.'s Gravatar Julie C.
    June 8, 2010 at 5:56 pm | Permalink

    I don’t think I would have watched those trailers if you hadn’t mentioned them specifically, but I greatly enjoyed the ones for High Before Homeroom, and Et Cetera and Otherwise. They were all hilarious!

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