Two Great Tastes: Electric Literature and Significant Objects

Apologies for the annoying snowclone, but it really is delicious to see two of my favorite online entities collaborating. All this week Electric Literature will be guest-curating at Significant Objects, contributing both writers and the objects themselves (as the site’s photographer called it, “a big box of weird”). If you’re not familiar with Significant Objects, you should be: There, participating writers are invited to invent histories for random thrift shop items, each of which then goes up for sale on eBay accompanied by its fictional story. The winning bidder gets the object and a printout of its tale. It’s all about mythmaking and storytelling and invented history. To paraphrase my own self, it’s an interactive Stuff Porn site.

This week’s lineup—Rick Moody, Stephen O’Connor, Jenny Offill, Marisa Silver, and Matt Summell—is excellent, and the proceeds from the objects will go to Girls Write Now, an appropriately significant cause. Which, come to think of it, makes three great tastes tasting great together. Check it out.


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    The “before” photo is about 1/2 inch high on my screen…is it visible anywhere else? I’d love to see both photos…your after shot is amazing! Lovely kitchen!

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