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March 2010 Issue

“snoverkill” by Jeffrey Eaton

Jeffrey Eaton is a fundraiser and amateur photographer living in Washington, DC. His photographs and essay Raging Bull have been featured in Open Letters Monthly where he is Editor-at-Large.


of “snoverkill” Jeff writes: “Average snowfall in Washington, DC is usually about 16″ – 22″. The winter of 2009-2010, already the snowiest of all time for the city, has produced snowfall amounts similar to what Anchorage, AK and Portland, ME typically receive, about 70″. This photograph was taken during our third blizzard of the season. Appropriately nicknamed Snowverkill, this high-wind storm followed only four days after the 4th largest DC snowstorm of all time, which President Obama publically referred to as Snowmaggedon. The two storms together dropped a combined 28.4″ over a six day period”

For more on this picture, see Maureen Thorson’s reflections here: http://www.reenhead.com/mole/2010/02/view-from-my-home-office-jeff-just-took.php