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Slaying the Dragon: First Thoughts on Five Seasons of Angel

“Well, personally I kind of want to slay the dragon.” – Angel (S5 E22, “Not Fade Away”) I recently finished my first complete run-through of Angel. I can tell that, as has already been the case with Buffy, re-watching will complicate my response to particulars as well as to the show overall. It’s interesting to me, though, […]

Weekend Reading: Dorothy Dunnett via Buffy

A few days ago I picked Dorothy Dunnett’s The Ringed Castle off my bookshelf to look up a particular scene and ended up not just reading to the end (again) but following up with a reread of the next novel in the Lymond Chronicles, Checkmate. I didn’t actually read every word — these are books I have read […]

“You’re the One”: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Over the weekend I finally wrapped up my first ever run-through of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When I started watching the series last summer, I actually came to it with remarkably little information and no preconceptions except that (and obviously I got over this one) it probably wasn’t going to be a hit with me, since vampires — […]

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