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Dear CBC Radio 2,

It’s me again. I tuned in this morning and once again I have cause to thank you: I am so happy that finally there’s a radio station giving air time to such commercially unsuccessful artists as James Blunt and the Barenaked Ladies. My tax dollars should definitely go to making sure they get heard, and […]

This Week Instead of Radio 2

I promise: I won’t keep obsessing on the evisceration of good programming on CBC Radio 2.* It’s just that I’m still in the “anger” stage of the grieving process for an old friend. Still, as I remarked recently, there is a plus side, which is returning to my stash of old opera tapes. This morning […]

Dear CBC Radio 2,

Thanks! Now that all the music you play during the times I used to listen to you (morning drives to work and school, afternoons home from work and school) is pretty much ****, and because I have only a cassette deck in my car, I’ve had to go back into my stash of old tapes, […]

Lament for CBC Radio 2

I miss my radio station! I have been a loyal CBC listener for over 30 years. Since the launch of the new CBC, I have turned on Radio 2 almost every day, out of habit and out of optimism that I’ll like what I hear. No luck so far! I know that there’s still classical […]

Raise a Ruckus for Radio Two!

This post is a bit off my usual topics, but I love CBC Radio 2 and will be very sorry if the proposed radical programming changes go ahead, so I’m posting this press release prepared by the “Save Classical Music at the CBC‘ group on Facebook. If there are any other CBC listeners out there […]

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