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This Week In My Classes: Team Brontë!

I got a bit snippy with the tweeters from Oxford World’s Classics a couple of days ago. Poor things: they were just doing their job, spreading some news about great books and trying to get people to click through and read it. How could they know that I was already feeling grumpy, for reasons quite beyond […]

Reading, Writing, Watching: Villette, Ferrante, Downton Abbey

You wouldn’t know it from the lull here at Novel Readings, but it has been a busy few days. (Actually, you should know it from the lull, which is always a sign that things are busy elsewhere!) I haven’t made much progress yet with the book I chose to follow A Morbid Taste for Bones, which […]

This Week In My Classes: Hunkering Down!

Ah, the holiday weekend, with its leisure reading! It’s just a fond memory right now … Well, I exaggerate slightly, as I’ve certainly had more hectic terms than this one (this time last year, just for instance, I was teaching three courses, including one entirely new one), but I have been pretty busy with class […]

Jean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea

I am nearly as reluctant to write about Wide Sargasso Sea as I was to read it — and, yes, until last week, I had never read it, which in some circles (like, for instance, the circle of 99% of my professional colleagues) would surely have made me a winner at “Humiliation.” I knew about it, […]

Villette Chapters 1-35: "Oubliez les Professeurs!"

The thread is now open at The Valve for discussion of this week’s installment of Villette. In case you are wondering whether you should have joined us in this project, taste this: What was become of that curious one-sided friendship which was half marble and half life; only on one hand truth, and on the […]

Villette Chapters 1-27: She’s Ba-ack!

We’re through the first two volumes of Charlotte Bronte’s Villette in our summer reading group at The Valve; come here to contribute to this week’s discussion.

Villette Chapters 1-8 at The Valve

The first post for this summer’s group reading of Villette is up at The Valve. Come and play!

Updated Classics

At the TLS, Margaret Reynolds calls our attention to the relaunch of the Oxford World’s Classics editions. The article includes a survey of some available editions of Jane Eyre. A sample: Oxford World’s ClassicsJacket Clean and striking but she’s too sulky.Introduction By Oxford prof Sally Shuttleworth. Covers all bases and is excellent on the ending.Text […]

This Week in My Classes

1. 19th-Century Novel. We’re still on Great Expectations this week, moving through the phase that I lecture on as “Great Revelations.” While I tend to emphasize the moral pressures of the novel in class, while re-reading it this weekend I found myself pleasurably reminded of what an emotionally powerful and intensely literary book it is. […]

This Week in My Classes

The warm-up period is over: now we’re really getting down to work. 1. English 3032, 19thC Novel. This week, we start Great Expectations. In addition to placing the novel in the context of Dickens’s career and a range of social and intellectual issues (from the alienation induced by modern urban professional society, to anxieties about […]

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