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Reading Slumps and Other Blogging Blocks

I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump lately. Part of it is just that it’s that crazy end-of-term time. Not only are there this term’s courses to wrap (which, thanks to a very late exam, I won’t be able to do until next week), but next term’s courses are looming, and any “extra” […]

"Sir Rohan Left Literature"

First of all, don’t get your hopes up. A proper new post is due soon (things have been a bit busy over at The Valve), but just in passing: why did I not know until this week (when someone mentioned it in passing on the VICTORIA listserv) that such a book as this existed? Here […]

If you weren’t H– J–, someone would have made you revise this sentence…

To touch successively upon these points is to attempt a portrait, which I shall perhaps not altogether have failed to produce. I’m just saying, most of us would not put our pens down and say, there, that’s done.

Red Hot Classics

Somehow I hadn’t seen any of these editions before today, when I ran into a couple of them as I was browsing through Chapters (thanks, again, to parents who hold their children’s birthday parties at The Putting Edge across the way!). I’m fascinated by the marketing approach: an unwary reader might well pick these up […]

Weekday Miscellany: Reading, Writing, Teaching

It sure is quiet around the blogosphere, including around here. Must be summer! It’s not that I haven’t been reading, but for some reason–no particular reason–I haven’t been writing up as many of the books I read as I used to. At this point I’m more likely to do a full write-up only if a […]

Postcolonialism Redux

I am still working on my understanding of postcolonial theory, with an eye to revising my paper on Soueif’s In the Eye of the Sun for eventual journal submission. The more I read, the clearer some things become, though I don’t pretend to anything like mastery over a field that (the more I read) looks […]

On Vacation!

I leave tonight on the red-eye for Heathrow. The last time I was in England I celebrated my 19th birthday at Hampton Court: (It was the eighties, which excuses the glasses. I’m afraid there is no good excuse for the boots–though we were there in March and it was pretty damp and muddy everywhere.) So […]

Cry Me a River

I’ve been thinking about the movies that make me cry. OK, it could be a long list, as I’m the sort who likes to live vicariously through the plots of whatever she watches (what’s the point of watching if you are still aware you are sitting in your living room? it’s all about escape, right?). […]

Miscellaneous Reading Updates

I haven’t been doing well blogging my reading lately. Here are some brief comments on recent selections. I had high expectations for Graham Swift’s Waterland. Before I read it, in fact, it was a leading contender for my upcoming survey course on “British Literature Since 1800,” for which I figure I can asssign a maximum […]

Coming Soon…

Looks nice, doesn’t it? I’m reading through the page proofs this week and they look nice too–though it’s hard not to be anxious about whatever stupidities of mine will be revealed when the whole thing finally goes public.

New Address

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