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Recent Reading Round-Up: Mysteries, Romances, and Feminists

It isn’t that I haven’t done any reading since I posted on Elena Ferrante’s The Story of a New Name; it’s just that none of the reading has felt really notable, or else it has been reading for work and thus not something I necessarily have more to say about here. I’m actually looking forward […]

This Week in My Classes: V. I. Warshawski, Ha Ha Ha

We’re getting into the end of term craziness: I just returned a batch of essay proposals in Women and Detective Fiction, we’re starting drafts and peer editing in British Literature Since 1800 and starting to talk a little about the final exam, and of course we’re still working our way through new course material, including […]

This Week in My Classes: Grafton, Paretsky, Auden, Heaney, Rushdie!

I think the only unifying theme to this week’s readings is (a slight variant on) Cliff Clavin’s immortal Jeopardy question. And, speaking of Jeopardy, Monday’s class was our final session on Grafton’s ‘A’ is for Alibi, which means it was time for a student presentation. What is the connection? Thanks for asking! Years ago I […]

Summer Reading Wrap-Up: Mitchell, Genova, Paretsky, Nordstrom

September 12 is the last day for counting books towards our goals for the public library’s summer reading club. Maddie and I were aiming for 25 each. I’m not sure I’m going to get four more titles in by Sunday, what with classes starting and all. There’s hope: I’m currently reading the latest (and I […]

Sara Paretsky Admires EBB

Here’s a heartfelt, if somewhat unexpected, tribute from one writer to another: Victorian writers tackled the Angel more creatively. A number, including Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Isabella Bird, took to their beds, but it was Barrett Browning who also first confronted the Angel head on in her 1856 poem, Aurora Leigh. Women may be educated, […]

This Week in My Classes (March 8, 2010)

It will be easier next time. And better, too, probably. Or at least, this is my comforting mantra every time I come out of my Brit Lit survey class these days. Today it was a madcap dash through Yeats, with some gestures towards “What is modern(ist) poetry?” Wednesday and Friday are T. S. Eliot, next […]

This Week in My Classes (March 3, 2010)

Last week there were no classes–it was that heady interval known as ‘Reading Week,’ or, to some, ‘February Break.’ I could tell it was a ‘break’ because I didn’t work nights. Otherwise, I was pretty busy, especially with working my way through the major research assignment that had just come in from my Brit Lit […]

Sara Paretsky, Fire Sale

While writing a series of novels featuring the same detective allows an author to develop the main character (it’s a requirement of detective novels, after all, that many characters remain opaque or two-dimensional enough that we aren’t sure if they “dunnit” or not, so character development is typically quite restricted), it also risks repetition, especially […]

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