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Zadie Smith on George Eliot: the "Secular Laureate of Revelation"

In The Guardian this weekend, there’s a nice long piece by Zadie Smith on George Eliot. (Thanks to Nigel Beale for making sure I didn’t miss this.) Though I would quibble over some details (I don’t agree, for instance, with the characterization of Middlemarch as “messy”), I am impressed at the level of detail and […]

Zadie Smith, On Beauty: Disconnected

I did not ‘connect’ with this novel at all. After I finished it, I went back and read through the two or three pages of quotations from reviewers, all full of enthusiasm and praise (“wonderfully engaging, wonderfully observed”; “accomplished, substantive, and penetrating”; “an ambitious, warm and bending [bending??] portrayal”; “hilarious”; “ironic, acerbic and intelligent”…). Say […]

Zadie Smith, White Teeth

White Teeth I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, which seemed as generous and humane as I expected from its reviews, and from the comments of other readers I had talked to about it. On the other hand, though I have heard the term ‘Dickensian’ applied to it–perhaps because of its length, and the diversity and […]

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