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“The Measure of Blogging”: More from Leonard Cassuto

Leonard Cassuto has published some further thoughts on blogging at the Guardian, with some specific attention to my response to a couple of his earlier comments in the live chat back in July. I don’t have time to reply in detail right now as (ironically) I am at a conference in Birmingham heading off to […]

Cassuto On Blogs: “I have nothing against them, but I don’t read them, either.”

The quotation is from a comment by Leonard Cassuto in a recent Guardian “live chat” on academic publishing. Here it is in full (he’s responding to an inquiry from Melonie Fullick about “how academic blogging might fit in with a kind of publishing ‘portfolio’”): Another thing about blogging: lots of people with certain reading habits […]

Reality Check: ‘The applicant’s publication record is spotty’

To those of you who are also my  Twitter friends, I apologize: I said I was finished with this issue and moving on, but it turns out it is still going around in my head and needs a bit more sorting out–not because I feel aggrieved (that, I’m basically over), but because I think it […]

Second Anniversary Musings

My first post here went up on January 18, 2007. A two-year anniversary seems as good a time as any for some reflections on my experience of blogging so far. I’ve written fairly often already about blogging and my interest in it as an extension of my academic work, my pedagogy, and my desire to […]

‘Tis Aw a Muddle…or Is It?

I’ve been trying for a while to find a conceptual framework that will unify the various reading and writing activities I’ve been doing. The immediate, pragmatic motivation for bringing things into some kind of order is that it’s about time I applied for some research grant money to support those activities (and by “support,” I […]

Blogging Talk Follow-Up

There was a great turn-out and a lot of lively discussion at my talk on Friday about blogging. Several people suggested that they would like links to the material I highlighted, so I’m providing them below, grouped by where I used them in my presentation. First, though, here are some of the things I’ve taken […]

About Academic Blogging: A Round-Up

As a relative newcomer to blogging, I’ve been especially interested in thinking and learning about reasons for academics to blog, so I’ve been collecting links to articles and posts on this topic (or ones that would stimulate thought about it, one way or another). I thought I’d put the list up here, as it takes […]

Even in Blogging, Everything New is Old

I’ve been reading through the archives of some lively blog debates related to my own questions about the terms and tendencies of contemporary academic literary criticism (see, for instance, here, here or here). Following the long chains of arguments and rebuttals, examples and counter-examples, I’m struck with a familiar sense of futility: when so much […]

Professors, Start Your Blogs…

I read with much interest Dan Cohen’s post “Professors, Start Your Blogs” (now a year old, but new to me). I appreciated his discussion of the reasons academics might not only want to blog but also justify blogging. He is particularly clear and persuasive about the merits of bringing specialized knowledge, even obsessions (if “properly […]

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