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One More Favor

By (August 1, 2012) No Comment

Preening heart I have tended
like a weak flame on the beach,
do you have a box or bag
(the tearing aside for a moment)
to purse our decay? Because
we have been degrading for a while now.
We need something flexible
but sturdy, something stains will not ruin.
Or a couple of good tight sutures.

Opposing growler to whom I have conceded
so often by rolling onto my back
like the weaker wolf,
can you bracket my doubtfulness
or dissipate my fumes while I finger
the arms of my chair? Because
there’s a pigment without a name
that threatens to permanently tint it all,
a calcium tang that stalks our tastes and breaths.

We’ve run out of room for notches on the foyer wall.

Perhaps, my precious clutter, let us recast
our likeness in plastic and endure as timeless litter.
Or, here I will beg you again for a flush,
to swallow hard, to shove some of your fists
into pockets, before we hit that interlude
so much longer and obscurer than simple night,
onrushing like a steering column
in the accident we never saw coming.

Shanna Compton‘s books include For Girls & Others (2007), Down Spooky (2005), Gamers (2004), and several chapbooks. Her third and fourth poetry books are forthcoming from Bloof Books as a two-volume project; a collection called Brink in fall 2012, and a book-length speculative poem called The Seam in spring 2013. For more, please visit shannacompton.com.