And there you have it, folks! The best – and worst – books of 2017, neatly laid out and pontificated about as we’ve been doing for over a decade here at Stevereads! I read more books in 2017 than in any previous year of my life, and as always, it’s been tremendous fun to codify all that reading into these intergalactically-famous lists for your consideration. And although that process is by now old enough to be familiar, its 2017 iteration marks some big changes. As you can tell from the enormous banner slapped across the top of this site, Open Letters Monthly is shuttering operations as a review journal after ten years of publication. The site will continue as an archive for all the first-rate writing we’ve published here, and in the new year, the site will undergo a radical transformation into Open Letters Review. Many OLM editors will be helping out with the fun of that new journal, and they’ll be joined by some new editors and many of the regular contributors who’ve made Open Letters Monthly such good reading over the last decade.

As for Stevereads, the home of, among other things, these rabble-rousing, comprehensive year-end book-lists, it’ll be moving too: not back to its original Blogspot home but rather to a new website,, where I’ll be gathering not only Stevereads but, eventually, all of my online writing into one convenient (albeit longwinded!) location. These epic year-end lists will continue there, as will everything else as soon as the sawdust and moving crates are cleared away!

So: one old site – Open Letters Monthly, with its endless backlog of literary gems – and two new sites – Open Letters Review for all the book reviews and book news you need to get through your day, and, for the ongoing autobiography of my reading! I hope to see you all there!

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