My name is Steve Donoghue, and I’m a reader, editor, writer, and stone­cold super­hottie living in Boston surrounded by books and dogs. I’m one of the founding editors of the literary journal Open Letters Monthly and serve as its Managing Editor and the author of one of its book­blogs, Stevereads (presumably you already know all that, but hush! I’m trying to be comprehensive here!).

In addition to that, I review books (mostly history and biography) for The National.

My reviews appear regularly in the Washington Post.

I review for Boston’s own Christian Science Monitor.

I’ve written a number of reviews for Scott Esposito’s literary journal The Quarterly Conversation.

And I’m the US/Worldwide “Indie” (i.e. self­published) editor for the redoubtable Historical Novel Review.

I very much like hearing from my readers here at Stevereads, and in addition to the my contact­email listed here on the Open Letters site itself, you can also reach me directly at: st.donoghue [at]