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Great moments in comics! The Punisher disarms!

Marvel’s “Dark Reign” continues, with slick super-villain Norman Osborn convincing everybody (including the President) that he’s not only a good guy but the right man to be in charge of the super-C.I.A. that is H.A.M.M.E.R. Norman Osborn keeps a list of things he wants to get done during his open-ended time in office, and one […]

Great Moments in Comics!

A full week of comics from both the big super-hero companies, but sometimes it’s fun just to concentrate on the little moments writers and artists work into the bigger stories! I’ve been reading comics for a long, long time, and I can honestly say most of my best memories of them are scattered shots of […]

Comics! Gods and guys on the subway!

A weirdly off-key week in comics, full of issues that were more concerned with setting up other issues than with telling their own stories. The latest issue of “Captain America Reborn” was a place-holding affair, and the summer’s standout series, “Blackest Night,” featured a big crowd of snarling zombie-esque villains being held at bay by […]

Comics! The week’s highs and lows!

It’s an odd thing, dealing with the creative output of a company like Marvel Comics. This is an outfit that’s done more over the last 50 years to rejuvenate comics and update them for adults than any other force in the industry, and yet it’s a company that so often has its collective head up […]

Comics! Secret Invasion: Dark Reign!

Well, the mega-crossover-event that has convulsed the entire line of Marvel Comics for the last few months, the “Secret Invasion” storyline, is now over. For those of you who quite rightly abandoned the whole mess early on, it goes something like this: the evil shape-changing alien Skrulls find a way to flawlessly mimic several dozen […]


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