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In the Penny Press!

A slightly belated look at the Penny Press here at Stevereads, where we’ve been slightly distracted of late. For instance, we’re only just now getting to last week’s TLS, which had its usual bounty of great stuff and one ominous little note, in Morris Dickstein’s review of Richard Cook’s new Alfred Kazin biography. Dickstein’s piece […]

In the Penny Press!

Surprises aplenty in this week’s Penny Press, and almost all of them the good kind! For instance, it’s always nice when a writer you like, while writing about something else entirely, makes an aside you enthusiastically agree with; Stephen Jay Gould used to do it with comforting regularity, and in the latest issue of the […]

TLS! Opporunists, Favorites, and Scolds in Winter!

The nicest thing about each issue of the TLS (well, apart from the satisfyingly steep levels of erudition always on display) is the unpredictability of it all – you never know what each issue is going to throw at you, you only know it’ll almost certainly be worth your attention. Take last week’s issue. It […]

penny press! the new york review o’ books!

A very full issue of the New York Review of Books this time around (thanks, no doubt, to our young friend Sam’s ever-increasing sway behind the scenes at that august establishment! Stand up and take a bow, Sam!), so let’s start sorting the wheat from the chaff, shall we? (The sorting can begin by one […]

In the Penny Press! St. Gore and the Jews!

The latest issue of Vanity Fair is a perfect demonstration of why I don’t dismiss this title, despite its copious fashion-spreads and noxious perfume-samples. This issue abounds in content. The single best piece in it, the one that glowingly deserves to be anthologized, is William Langewiesche (hello? heard of a pen-name, Bill Lang?)’s article on […]


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