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Fleeting Frustration in the Penny Press!

Some days in the Penny Press are more frustrating than others, of course, and sometimes those weeks offer clear signals of their intent to get my knickers in a twist. This happened just yesterday, in fact, when I took my first clear look at Barry Blitt’s imbecilic cover to the 26 January New Yorker, which […]

mistakes, exaggerations, and outright lies in the Penny Press!

A particular contentious day in the Penny Press today, as the cold rain drizzled down outside my favorite little Chinese food restaurant! For ever stretch in which I was just enjoying what I was reading, there was a stretch of rumpled macadam, attracting muttered grumbling and aggravated underlining with my trusty ever-present pen. Of course, […]

A Tale of Two (insert adjective) Writers in the Penny Press!

Lots of great stuff in the New Yorker this week, starting with a classic, gorgeous cover by Eric Drooker (and interspersed with a strong selection of cartoons this time around, quite a few of which strike exactly the right clever, citified tone for a New Yorker cartoon) and moving on to a funny “Talk of […]

In the Penny Press! New Yorker, 28 September 2009

It’s an Adam Gopnik double-feature in the 28 September New Yorker! First, in the “Talk of the Town,” he adds his voice to the deafening chorus of writers all tackling the same question this month: what IS it about Dan Brown? Since The Da Vinci Code has sold more copies than any other book in […]

In the Penny Press! The New Yorker, 14 September 2009

Several of you (all card-carrying members of the Silent Majority, alas) have written wondering why I haven’t yet posted a third installment in my sudden resurgence of enthusiasm for The New Yorker, and believe me, I’d love it if the answer to that were, “Why, because this third issue was SO good I couldn’t even […]

In the Penny Press: New Yorker, 7 September 2009

The 7 September New Yorker was very nearly as all-purpose good as the previous week’s issue, and that’s made me very suspicious. Ordinarily, The New Yorker goes for weeks without fielding an issue even half as good as both of these two latest ones have been, and here they’ve done two in a row. It […]

In the Penny Press! New Yorker, 31 August 2009

There’s a fact about magazine-reading that you rarely hear, mainly because its conditions are so incredibly rare: when it’s good, The New Yorker is better than any other periodical in the world. The reason you rarely hear that fact is because The New Yorker these days is, alas, almost never good. Oh, there are some […]

Frustration and Relief in the Penny Press!

Since I’m fairly prompt and fairly consistent with my icy glares, most of my friends have stopped asking me if I’ve yet acquired a Kindle from Amazon. Those friends have now moved on to a question almost as annoying and no less illogical: have I yet read Nicholson Baker’s New Yorker article on how he […]

the New Yorker Fiction Issue in the Penny Press!

Well, the New Yorker Fiction Issue is here, and as you’d expect, there’s plenty to hate. I’m less disposed to that hatred than I was in previous years, mainly because I’ve just recently had a hand in helping to create a Fiction Issue myself (over at Open Letters – plenty of good stuff for you […]

Waves of Rage in the Penny Press!

The April 27 issue of the New Yorker features an intensely infuriating article by Margaret Talbot called “Brain Gain,” about the wide variety of so-called “neuroenhancers” being taken in record numbers by college students (among others) in order to boost their mental faculties and concentration. And the article is infuriating on both levels, the factual […]


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