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Comics! Gods and guys on the subway!

A weirdly off-key week in comics, full of issues that were more concerned with setting up other issues than with telling their own stories. The latest issue of “Captain America Reborn” was a place-holding affair, and the summer’s standout series, “Blackest Night,” featured a big crowd of snarling zombie-esque villains being held at bay by […]

Mary Jane!

Our book today is Judith O’Brien’s 2004 ‘young adult’ novel Mary Jane, a book which takes as its setting the Marvel Comics world of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books. The vague borders of that setting will be familiar even to non-comics fans because of the three enormously popular and lucrative Spider-Man movies: teen nerd Peter […]

A Comics Shocker!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled entry today to do something I never thought I’d have occasion to do again: praise the daylights out of an issue of Spider-Man. The issue in question was recently bought by Elmo: it’s Part 1 of “Unscheduled Stop,” written by Mark Waid and drawn by Marcos Martin, and it’s as […]

More comics! To heal the rift!

It was a rainy day here in Palo Alto, and we wandered into the Android’s Dungeon looking to be amused. As a result, we walked out with a small batch of comics bought with our own ducats, not borrowed from Elmo or filched from my arch-nemesis Pepito. A winning batch of comics! On the strength […]

Comics! Superman and Spider-Man!

15 July 2006 COMICS Only two comics this week, amazingly enough: Superman and ‘The Sensational’ Spider-Man. Each company’s long-standing icon, and each icon at a turning point. Sensational Spider-Man #28 – “My Science Teacher is Spider-Man!!” – follows a little of the fallout in Peter Parker’s life in the wake of his nationally televised coming-out […]


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